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Thank You!

OOver time I owe a large number of people for their help and contributions.  I can not thank them all.  But the following are owed special thanks.  Here's a bouquet for you!


First and foremost, the love of my life, Lori Yurek.  For all the hours digging through musty records with me, field trips to cemetery's, listening, and the thousands of hours I have spent on this keyboard.


Kees (CJ) Loos, Nederlands

David Vander Sande, Michigan

Alden Vander Sande, Wisconsin

Roger & Marion Vander Sande, Wisconsin

Jean & Earl Keller, California

VJ Schroeder, Michigan

Myrtle Pletos, Michigan

Maureen, Glee, & Mirth *Clark*, Washington

Rita Zorblitz, Oconto Co. Genweb

Ivan Hannibal, Wisc. Veterans Museum

Philip Doncheck, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

My immediate family for all the questions over the years

and to those unnamed who have helped countlessly

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