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Genealogy Numbering System

    Trying to read those reports, but can't make any sense out of them?  There is a worldwide standard used for the numbering system.

    First we will cover an ancestral report style.  The report will start with the primary individual (identified as number 1) and continue with their parents, etc.  There are two main styles of reports which is irrelevant here, just be aware you that they may not all look the same.  What is consistent is the numbering system.

Primary individual: #1    double this number to get to the father

                                    add one to the father' number to get the mother

The system then just continues, double the father's number for the grandfather, add one for the grandmother.


Generation 1

1.    John Smith, son of 2. Joe Smith and 3. Susan Jones.  Married Martha White. She was the daughter of Adriaan White and Susan Black.


Generation 2

2.    Joe Smith, son of 4. Andrew Smith and 5. Ruthann McRich.  Married Susan Jones

3.    Susan Jones, she was the daughter of 6. David Jones and 7. Kelli Green.


Generation 3

4.    Andrew Smith, son of 8. Johnathan Smith and 9. Tina Nagel

5.   Ruthann McRich, daughter of 10. Ken McRich and 11. Berry Poor


    Once you understand the system, it allows navigating through the reports much easier.


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