Decendants of Jan van der Zande of Poortvliet, Zeeland, Nederlands

    This is a privatized detailed report of all the decendants of Jan van der Zande, estimated birth date about 1750, that I have been able to trace.  This will cover 10 generations to present day. The family surname was changed during Napolean's occupation of the Benelux* countries.  He forced mandatory registration of the citizens during his occupation.  Scores of families changed their surnames at this time.  Countless others did not consistently use a surname previously. The Dutch government then carried it over in 1811-1812. 

    This will mainly cover the American Descendants.  I have had very little luck in finding any living descendants in the Nederlands other than one family line.  The van der Sande surname is very common in the present day Benelux countries.  The family seems to have stayed for generations in the Zeeland Province.  I have found no connections to the Van der Sande's in Belgium, or Luxemburg.  Their descendants immigrated to New York-New Jersey area of the US.  I have been contacted over time by American Van De(r) Zande's, but they have not been able to trace back far enough to connect to us.  The hunt continues for Adriaan's siblings. 

    Most of my birth (Geboorten), marriage (Huwelijken), death (Overlijden) material has come from the archive in Middleburg (Burgerlijke Stand), Zeeland.  Some has also come from The Nederlands Lion (De Nederlandsche Leeuw), The official Publication of the Genealogical Organization of the Dutch Government.  Unfortunately, only the Doorepaal genealogy was ever researched and published (1953).  Plus efforts of countless people exchanging information with me over the years in the Nederlands.  With out a trip to the Nederlands, I am at a standstill.  Eventually I will have to make one final major research trip.  Last to Kees Los, where ever you are, Hartelijke groten!

* Belgium, Nederlands, Luxemburg

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