Photos: Vander Sande Family Group

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Johannes Van der Sande ? Adriaan's Father
Adriaan Van der Sande ? In Uniform
Jan & Maatje Schot 1937 Adriaan's sister
Jan Schot group photo 1937
Jan & Francis Dees ? "John & Lucy"
Neeltje Jansen Van der Sande ? Formal Dutch Dress
Adriaan Family Portrait 1904 Formal Portrait
Adriaan Family Portrait 1906/07 Formal Portrait
Gen & Edward 1925 brother/sister in laws
Harold Vander Sande @1953 Korean War
Neeltje Jansen Vander Sande Abt 1940's Latter years
Hingham, WI Homestead 1898 Minnie, Margaret and folks
Andrew, Gen, Hank, and Roger abt 1934 informal
Harold & siblings 1941 dressed up
Adriaan & Neeltje 1898 Formal
John, Edward & Andrew pre 1928 Formal
Andrew & Gen Vander Sande portrait
Wilhelmina Vander Sande 1916 Formal Portrait
Andrew Vander Sande est 1977 "When I picture him"

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