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Adriaan's Birth Extract

From: J.J.v.d.Sande

To: Scott

Date: Friday, February 26, 1999 5:34 AM

Here is the text and its translation:

> Arrondissement Breda

District Breda (Breda is the name of a city)

> Gemeente Tholen

Municipal Tholen

> Uit het register van geboorten van vermelde gemeente blijkt,

The register of birth of the mentioned municipal shows, (I'm not sure if

it says "vermelde". It looks more like "voormelde" but what wouldn't be

correct Dutch?!)

> dat aldaar op vierentwintig Juni achttienhonderd acht en zestig is geboren:

that in that place at the twentyfourth of june, eightteenhunderd sixtyeight

was born:

> Adriaan, zoon van Johannis van der Sande en van Willemina Vermaas,

Adriaan, son of Johannis van der Sande and of Willemina Vermaas (very old

spelling, because nowadays we write "Johannes" and "Wilhelmina")

> zijne huisvrouw, enz.

his housewife, etc. (apparently they weren't very emancipated in those days!)

> Voor gelijkluidend uittreksel,

(Very formal language. Difficult to translate. The direct translation is:

voor=for, gelijkluidend=identical, uittreksel=extract/certificat. So I

think what they mean is:) All facts mentioned herein are truthful,

> Afgegeven, 18 februari 1938,

handed over at, 18 february 1938,

> door mij Ambtenaar den Burgerlijke Stand in de gemeente Tholen,

by me, civil servant of the registry office in the municipal Tholen, (old

fashioned to capitalize "Ambtenaar den Burgerlijke Stand" but in those days

you were very important if you were a civil servant so they wrote it


> <signature>

I can't figure out the name...

> Zegel f 1,-

stamp/seal 1 guilder

> Leges f 1,-

fees 1 guilder

> Burgerlijke stand Tholen

registry office Tholen



It was funny to see this old document. I hope this helps. Enjoy your holidays!

Joris van der Sande




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